360 SMS App

Bolder CRM is has invested in 360 SMS as the exclusive USA/Canada Distributor for Sales and Support because it is the best architected solution in the Salesforce ecosystem, and we know because we’ve worked or consulted for many of the competitors.

Book a Meeting for a live demo or text keyword DEMO to:
SMS:            +1 720.605.0632  or +44 1234 480 564  or  +61 488 845 944
WhatsApp:  +1 303.800.3258

You can even click the WhatsApp linked number above to initiate a message to us from your WhatsApp on your phone or browser. Try it out!

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09/30/2019 post Downloads Batch Texting
09/29/2019 post Downloads Batch Texting - Auto-Routing
01/15/2019 post Downloads Pardot/Marketo Integration
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05/14/2019 post Downloads Email to SMS Configuration
05/14/2019 post Downloads Link Clickthrough Tracking Configuration
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Text ``DEMO`` to 720-605-0632 to see texting and Salesforce integration in action!

Convo View Lightning plus Phone

Companies that use text messaging for sales convert 40% more deals than those who don’t.

SMS Text Messages and MMS (pictures) can be sent and received to any mobile number stored in your Salesforce org (including custom objects). Use native Salesforce Process Builder to trigger actions on key Salesforce data or process Incoming Messages to create new leads or cases, update fields or trigger additional questions.
Text “DEMO” to 720.605.0632, to see this in action.

Texting works! You know it. If you aren’t texting, your missing out!

You just have to compare 360 SMS to its competitors to see the immediate differentiators. You’ll see it in the first 2 minutes with the initial install and trial phone number experience, to the Convo View, to the SMS Templates design, and to the much stronger methods of triggering outbound msgs & processing incoming replies.


Within 2 minutes of the installation of a trial version you can be sending/receiving your first text msgs. Guaranteed!

Partial Features List:

  • Automated/Triggered Texting
    • Compare our Process Builder methods with competitors, you’ll see the difference!
  • Conversational one-on-one texting
    • Threaded msgs on any object with Convo View VF page
    • ChatBot
    • Dashboard Alert component
  • Batch Texting aka Bulk SMS
  • 100% Native Salesforce
    • Msgs & MMS files are only stored in Salesforce, not on some server in India
  • Automatic Email Alerts on Incoming SMS
    • Simple checkbox for us, no programming like the other guys
  • Email Reply to Incoming Notifications sends SMS response – awesome for mobile users!
  • SMS Templates – compare us, you’ll see
  • Unlimited Batch Texting from Salesforce Reports
  • Scheduled SMS & Event Reminders
  • MMS – including Batch MMS
    • Dare to compare!
  • HyperLink click tracking
  • Lightning, Salesforce1 and Classic ready
  • Pardot & Marketo ready
  • PCA Compliance – Opt-in/Opt-Out
  • Custom objects
  • Use Cases
    • Recruiting, Mortgage, Insurance, Hospitality, Drip Campaigns, Surveys, Lead Qualification, On-Site Service technicians, Case Mngt, Service Console and more