Bolder CRM is an exclusive distributor of the 360SMS Text Messaging solution for Salesforce.

We also offer a full range of Salesforce implementation services and we’re industry recognized experts in Email Apps for Salesforce, SMS Technology, ActionGrid and Conga Composer.

Additionally, we help Salesforce ISV’s with their product, marketing and sales strategies using the experiences of building ActionGrid, Productivity Pack and the CRMCulture consulting firm. Both firms ActionGrid/CRMCulture were acquired by Conga in 2016 and the “Productivity Pack for PivotalCRM” was acquired by Aptean in 2015.


Conga Products

  • ActionGrid
  • Composer

ActionGrid Specialist/Founder

Let the founder of ActionGrid jumpstart your ActionGrid implementation like only he can.
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  • SMS Magic
  • 360SMS
SMS Technology Expert
1000’s of hours of development and workflow with SMS technologies will instantly help you with your SMS challenges.
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Salesforce Email Apps

  • Cirrus Insight
  • LinkPoint 360
  • Lightning for Outlook/Gmail
  • SmartCloud
  • Salesforce Inbox
  • ZynBit
  • Pardot Marketing Automation
Salesforce Email Leader
Seeing is believing. Let Steve show you how his expertise in Salesforce Email workflow and application can instantly benefit your work efficiency.
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CRM Solutions

  • Salesforce
  • Pivotal
  • Microsoft Dynamics
CRM Specialist
Leading the way in CRM Solutions – Steve has proved that his knowledge and execution will help excel any business in this area.
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